The Halloween Season

First, welcome to the new Spookstalker web page.  My daughter, Natasha Matthews, decided that my old site was just too bland and old, and since web sites is what she does for a living (and she makes a really good living at it!) it was an embarrassment to her if we didn’t upgrade it.

This holiday season started early. I’ve been doing a presentation at the Fox Theater in St. Louis the past two Mondays, Tomorrow night will be the last one for a year, and I have to say I’ll miss it. The ghosts I deal with there are very active, and like the attention. This year, the Fox ghost tours sold out in record time.

We had fun building up the Haunted Caboose for Witchfest this year downtown. The day after that, I ghost hunted the Stiffel Theater (former Peabody), in St. Louis. Mark Farley and the good folks at St. Louis Paranormal Research Society invited me along, and that’s always a blast. You can check out the ghost tours and ghost mini-conferences they put on all year long at  STLPRS. As you know, the ghosts are out all year long, not just in October.

I did a lecture for a private group at the Washington Library last week. I’ll be doing a public lecture at the Warrenton Library on Tuesday, Oct. 16th, and another at the Bourbon Library on Thursday the 25th. Ghost Investigations for the preservation of the Showboat Theater on the 19th and 20th. Also, for all you Animal Lovers, two Trolley Tours of Hermann’s Most Haunted on Wednesday the 24th and Sunday 28th. All money raised goes to Ferals In Peril, and these folks spend about $1000 a month on rescuing stray and unwanted cats. They need your help, so get your tickets. We drive around looking at the haunted places, we ACTUALLY talk to some of the people who have lived through this, and there is a short presentation with video and photos from Haunted Wine City.

Lastly, again for a charity called Friends of the Library in Pacific, I’m hosting ghost hunts on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 26and 27 at the famously haunted Trip-County Truck Stop. (the old Diamonds). Check the facebook page for the phone number to check on tickets.

I’ll be posting more about the ghost hunts and my adventures in Tombstone, AZ later. Until my next post, Happy Haunting!

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