Ferals in Peril

Last night was the first of two Ferals in Peril Haunted Hermann Trolley Tours. The day before, we had only sold 11 tickets.  By 4:00 p.m., we were oversold and had to turn some folks away.  I hate that, but it’s good for the animal care charity.

The owners of the Hermann Crown Suites donates the room we begin and end the tour, and donates the Trolley and driver free of charge!  That is incredibly kind of them. We do a short presentation where I show the evidence from haunted places in Hermann, including some new evidence from last weekend.  Pretty incredible stuff.

Sunday is the last tour of the year.  Come on by and support the folks. Their monthly bill runs about $1000 a month to take care of the stray cats and dumped off kittens, and they are making a hell of a dent in the population of feral cats.  And, if your interested in ghost stories, it’s a good time.

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