The Devils Diner

The Diamonds, or the Tri-county Truck Stop as many may know it, was build in 1948 after the previous building burned down. I was invited in on the first and third investigations done there, and as it was one of my first real investigations, I was shocked and intrigued when a shadow on the wall silently challenged me, and a rock was thrown by invisible hands and slammed into the wall near my head in the basement.

Now, I’m going back on Friday and Saturday. I understand the tickets are sold out. But I expect this investigation to be AWESOME!  I hope we get enough new evidence to make a fine chapter in the next book, which I hope to have out sometime in July.  Stay Tuned, and I’ll try to do a Facebook Live broadcast or two from there this weekend.

And if you have any special pull with the Almighty, you may say a quick prayer for me.

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