Halloween Ramblings

During one of the trolley tours, when I was talking about our adventures at the Gasconade County Jail, someone told me how lucky I’ve been.

They’re right. I think of the places I’ve been allowed to investigate, Mineral Springs in Alton, the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Ar., Old Towne Abilene in Kansas, Mason House Inn in Iowa or Riders Inn in Gainesville, Oh.  All were incredible places, and I worked with some amazing people.

It was Mark Farley from SLPRS, who took me into the Fox Theater.  Brenda Mason from KPRS took me into the Oz Museum and Old Towne Abilene. Greg Meyer invited me into the old Diamonds for the first time, as well as the Harney Mansion. Brandon Klein from Gateway Paranormal Team brought out the best at the Mineral Springs Hotel in Alton as well as the Illinois Asylum for the Incurably Insane. The crazy hauntings in the Morse Mill Hotel, a theater in New Madrid, the list goes on and on.

Morgan Gates from Haunted Vicksburg, Bloody Mary from New Orleans, Brian Riley from the McRaven Mansion in Vicksburg have all helped with interviews on the youtube channel. I hear others complaining about groups fighting each other, or being jealous over who is giving tours in what haunted spot. But I haven’t seen it. We can get along, and so far, I’ve been the proof.  We are all on the same basic trail, just got to remember there are enough ghosts for all of us.


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