Elijah McLeans Mansion

We did it! Last night, as far as we can tell, we became the first paranormal investigation group to do Elijah McLeans in Washington. And it was worth the wait!

We haven’t went through the evidence yet, but I can tell you the spirits there were active, informative, and a lot of fun. Toward the end of the night, while Ray and I were getting the stories of the damage done by the spirits inside the kitchen from the head chef, my camera got knocked out of my hand! Not only that, (thankfully, I had the wrist strap on), but the small door for the battery came open as well. Not easy, considering you have to push down and slide.

There was a lot more that happened, and I’ll post some evidence when I’ve checked it out. My friends, Ray McDowell, Jan West, Mason Griffith, and our great sensitive Tim Clifton. In addition, we were lucky to have Mark Farley, founder of St. Louis Paranormal Research Society, and one of his investigators, George Danish. Always good to have an additional expert in the house! Danielle Grotwiel, who runs the ghost tours of Washington, was there to help and provided some historical references.

Gotta thank Jolene Patterson-Mezzanatto, the manager of Elijah McLeans, who invited us in and even had her head chef, (whose name I didn’t get. Sorry) make up an incredible tomato soup and some grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches. And that soup was amazing! You all HAVE to check the restaurant out. Maybe you’ll get to see the spirits tending bar! Actually, then just move glasses around, but still entertaining.

One comment

  1. I can’t wait to hear more about the evidence from Washington
    While at the Hermonn theater I captured 2 shooting orbs on my iPhone
    I’d love to share them……you keep up your ventures, I plan to join you again soon
    Thank You


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