Of Ghosts and Gourmet

After I talked Mark Farley, founder of St. Louis Paranormal Research Society, and one of his investigators to help me out at the amazing Elijah McCleans mansion in Washington, he invited me along on an investigation in Illinois.

Before you read further, I WILL NOT DIVULGE THIS LOCATION!  For the moment, it’s a secret. The reason for this is Marks team has to go in a couple more times to make certain the spirits tell the same tales. This is a newly opened Bed and Breakfast along the Mississippi River. The owners have had plenty of reason to suspect the place was haunted, including the apparition of a female spirit in an upstairs window which has been seen by many of the locals. In the next couple of weeks, Mark and his group will be setting up cameras that will allow you to watch in the most haunted places in the building live on Facebook. St. Louis Paranormal Research Society does this once a week or so at the old Lemp Brewery, if you haven’t checked it out, you should subscribe to their facebook page. (www.facebook.com/STLPRS/).

Went down there yesterday, and we ghost hunted from 8:00 p.m. until after midnight. The spirits were talkative, like a child that no one talks too. Once you start, you can’t shut them up! I was working with a Franks Box in the basement, and other parts of the team were in other areas. When we switched, the attic ghosts were exhausted and wouldn’t talk to us very much. The same thing happened to the others: A lot of experiences and contact in the attic, but the basement was quiet.

As usual, the homeowners got a lot more results because the spirits knew them. And, as I’ve discussed before, it’s always cool when someone gets the rods for the first time, and the spirts work with them. It’s a blast when I watch their eyes light up as they begin to feel the pressure on the rods moving them. Changes skeptics into non-believers, let me tell you!

I’ll look over the evidence, and post more in a couple of weeks. When I do, you’ll want to add this incredible B and B to your list of paranormal getaways. The old house is nearly a mansion, and the architecture is very Victorian. They are in a soft-opening now, and plan their grand opening soon. The main floor is amazing, and it was decorated for the holidays in real style. IMG_5373IMG_5384.JPGIMG_5360.JPG     One investigator had a heavy piece of equipment moved from a table to the top stair of a stairway. I spoke directly, via a Franks Box, with a woman spirit named Constance, and another named Judy. Also, as usual, when using a device like that, other spirits out on the street were coming in to make contact. You will be amazed by the spirits in this place, and I’ll post the contact address as soon as possible. I’ll also post more photos on my facebook page, Spookstalker.

And what about the Gourmet? Let me explain the breakfast part of this night. IMG_3510

Dan, the chef, is an old-school style cook. Old style scrambled eggs, not mixed in a bowl with milk but cracked over the skillet and scrambled by hand and covered in cheese. Potatoes slow cooked with fried onion, and fruit. IMG_3511How about lemon-water with fresh mint?  But wait, there’s more:

IMG_3512I hope I get this right. Pecan apple waffles with bacon and honey, I think. Each bite was an explosion of flavor, I probably won’t eat for the rest of the day!

Stay tuned on SLPRS facebook page for the lockdown they will broadcast. When they are ready, we’ll let you know where this piece of paradise is.

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