A new home with a ghost

I received a call from a good friend living in Washington. He, his girlfriend and kids had recently moved into a home, the location of which will remain private. They had only lived there for a few months, but early on there was moving shadows on the wall with no explanation, the sound of footsteps in the hallway with no human explanation, and voices in the basement when no one else was home.

But when the newborn baby began having unexplained marks on its face, they became nervous and called me. Of course, since there is a child involved, I immediately set a date and went to investigate.

The lady of the house had been on one of my investigations before, and was impressed with the results. As I got to work, I discovered a previous resident of the house had committed suicide in the home very recently.  According to neighbors, as his wife was outside the house screaming for him, the shot rang out. The bullet hole was still in a door inside the the living room.  I started there, and got one of the fastest responses from a spirit I had ever had.

He confirmed he was the man who had so violently ended his life recently. He wanted the people to leave “His Home”. I tried to reason with him, explaining that they had a contract just as he did, and he could remember being young, with kids, and near broke most of the time. I believe he will settle down. I also discovered, via the rods, that he loved his granddaughter, and according to the neighbors, was the only one of the people living there that they ever saw playing with the little girl in the yard. We drew the conclusion that the spirit just wanted to play with the child. Again I believe he’ll be more gentle and less obtrusive to their lives.

I was asking why he decided not to cross over. During that part of the conversation with the dead man, he said he was afraid to. That led me to ask a question, and it was the most positive response I had gotten yet.

Jim was afraid because of an old belief that suicide was an unforgivable sin, since it’s impossible to ask for forgiveness. I tried to explain to him that most of the Church agrees that suicide is a form of mental illness, so you actually died of a sickness and will be allowed into Heaven, of course depending on your other sins. I encouraged him to move on, but asked that he leave the family alone. In most cases, I’ve been able to reason with the spirits.  I hope the family has peace and good luck in their new home.

purposely darkened the video to hide the identity of the family, who was standing in a doorway. That is the only change I made. 

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