Franklin County Bicentennial Ghost Hunts

Friends and Fans: For the Franklin County Bicentennial, we are working on a series of ghost hunts around the county. The first is May 25th at the Union Courthouse. Bertha Gifford was held here, screaming out foul language at the people below. There were legal hangings and lynchings here as well, right on the grounds!
Then, on Thursday, September 12, if everything works out right, we’ll run a public investigation at the John Busch Brewery in Washington. Yes! Going back inside one of the most haunted places in the county!
Tickets are available from Marc Houseman at the Washington Museum. Call 636-239-0280 for more information. We’re working on a couple of other places as well, so stay tuned!

I’ll soon post more videos from prior investigations there, as well as any more that we get carved in concrete!

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