Grandma’s Soda Shop, Wilson Ks.

As you know, I went to speak at the first para-conference at the Midland Hotel in Wilson, Kansas. Very haunted, and a lot of fun.  Check out the facebook page, or in a few days I’ll post here, some video of the other speakers.

But we did get to ghost hunt not only the hotel, but a soda shop nearby. Folks, this was the old fashioned soda shop, with fountains and a tank of carbonation in the basement.  Sherri and I went back the next day to try out the sodas, and they were AWESOME!

I got to work with an amazing ghost hunting group called Road Trip Paranormal. The main leader, Jason, was a great guy and did an outstanding job with his first conference. On Friday night, I went with him and Darren Dedo, who has a paranormal show coming out on Youtube which is an extension of one he did for a network news program back in the 90’s in Jackson, Mississippi. The guys were using a device called an SRS, which is a kinect combined with a tablet.  We were standing next to a set of old-fashioned one-piece long johns, which hang in the basement because the ghosts gets angry if they are moved. When I was told the spirit was by the underwear, I asked him to move an arm or sleeve, thinking he would move the sleeve.

Wrong! the stick figure, which was the Kinect finding the ghost, moved it’s arm on the screen.  Then, at least to me, it looked like the ghost was trying to put on the underwear!

The next night, I returned and handed the rods to another visitor to speak with the ghost in the basement. We got the impression the ghost didn’t want to talk with us, but he seemed to like us more the second night.

Did you notice, just to the right of the screen on the picture, when I said “you wouldn’t set the meters off…”, a meter went off?  I totally missed it at the time.

There was a guy there with a night vision cam, so I didn’t turn on the bigger lights. However, you can see the rods a bit, and the spirit moves them for a kid that had never ghost hunted before. He became a believer.

I am looking forward to working with Road Trip Paranormal in the near future. Seems like a great team.

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