The Public Ghost Hunt at the Harney is a Sellout!

IMG_1554.jpg     This Saturday, working with the Franklin County Bicentennial Commission, Spookstalker Dan Terry will be doing a public ghost hunt at the famous, and very haunted, Harney Mansion in Sullivan.

I assisted the Paranormal Task Force several years ago in some of the first ghost hunts ever done here. I had small bits of plaster and small rocks thrown down at me from holes in the ceiling, shadow people running away from us. and other phenomena.  I went back later with the local radio station, KTUI, and some saw a face come through the ceiling. I observed a string of lights I had put on the walkway upstairs flash off and on, as if something was pacing back and forth in front of them. That radio show is available on this web page. You can go to it from this link:

For those brave souls daring to enter with us: feel free to download any of the phone apps that are available. My personal favorites are Ghost Radar and Ghost Hunter M2 for the iPhone.  We will split up into two or three groups, and each will have access to some equipment and dowsing rods. If you want to make your own set of rods, just get some fairly thick copper wire: two of them 18 inches long, and bend into an L shape six inches from one end. I curve the tip of the long ends to avoid hitting someone in the eye while walking around in the dark.

Then, rub your mojo bag containing the boiled hip bone of a black cat, fresh grave dirt, the foot of a wild rabbit and a coffin nail on both rods during a full moon while singing a dirge. ( Ok, the last part is not really necessary. Just gives your friends something to talk about. )

Seriously, we’ve had some great hunts here in the past. I can’t promise the ghosts will be active, there has been a lot of change inside. I’ll also start at 6:00 p.m. with a presentation that will, among other things, show the hard preservation work that has been done to save this amazing building. Looking forward to seeing you all there on Saturday!

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