Ghost Shoes?

Sorry it took so long for an update, but the investigators and I have been crazy running around doing investigations. The public ghost hunt at the Harney was a HUGE success, thanks for the good folks with the foundation that takes care of it.

I started with photos from my first investigation there, which shows massive changes and improvements to the building, which was near falling apart back then. Now it has a modern kitchen, restrooms, electricity without a generator, and hard wood floors where there use to be gravel and debris. Then, we showed some photos, audio and video from both the investigations and the live radio show we did there.

One thing that has happened, which is at least one source of the paranormal activity there, involved a mirror. When the Paranormal Task Force investigated there many years ago, They had taken photos with the mirror in it, and the background reflected within the mirror did not match the background of the room. When I was there, I photographed it and also had what appeared to be a sheet in the mirror, even though, at that time, there was no sheets dropped in the room it reflected. I was told that was also some of what the PTF photographers got.

Well, when we got there, I showed my two investigators who came to help with the public investigation, Mason and Jan, the photos I had gotten years ago. Jan found the mirror, taken off the wall and placed in a corner of the room facing the wall. She replaced the mirror on the wall of the room, and began photographing it with Mason sitting behind her on a loveseat and attempting to make contact with the spirits.

20190622_173551     As you can see, Mason is sitting on the sofa with a EMF meter on the floor. There is nothing around him.

20190622_173607          A second photo, taken via the reflection, seem to show a pair of ghost shoes in front of Mason. 20190622_173608In the third photo, the Phantom Footwear remain near the meter. At that point, Mason said he was making contact with some spirit. 20190622_173609    For some reason, the shoes had went back to the sofa, as if someone had sat down to have a civilized conversation with Mason. 20190622_173613And in the final photo, the shoes had disappeared. I can not explain this, except the simple answer that leaves more questions: Some spirit walked over to Mason, then sat down across from him before disappearing.

The Harney, while not as active as some places in the county, usually does not disappoint. The public that night had gotten a lot of contact, rod action, some K2 action, and knocks upon request as well as some phone app action. One man came in a skeptic, left saying “I have no idea what just happened.” He had been answered via rods and phone app as well.

There will be two more investigations, one at the John Busch Brewery on Sept. 12, and one at the Trip-County truck stop on a date to be chosen. I’ll also be doing a couple of charity public ghost hunts at the Showboat Theater in Hermann in October. And, there will be a Trolley of Terror tour of Hermann on July 26th, and we are working on getting new people who have lived in the haunted buildings to come and tell their story. Tickets are available at 573 486-2044. Again, it is for a charity to help with the stray cat population in the Hermann area. Please, come on down and enjoy a night of ghost stories and walking around the supernatural spots in Haunted Hermann with Spookstalker!

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  1. it’s just a smudge on the mirror being reflected to look like 2 smudges (or “shoes”). you can see it still in the last image & it only moved because the cameraman moved the phone slightly. wish it was a ghost


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