September Ghost Stuff:

Sorry for the long time between entries. It’s been a busy time, between ghost hunts, preparing for the new book, and security work. IF this was a political page, I’d have plenty to say about how the need for security in St. Louis is growing like crazy! But, let’s keep this paranormal.


The new book will be called “Supernatural Washington: Ghosts and Legends from the Spookstalker Files.”  This is the possible cover for it:cover1.jpg Everyone recognize the place?

This one will include an extensive chapter on the Devils Diner, otherwise known as the Old Diamonds, or the Trip-County Truck Stop. But most of the chapters will be about different places in Washington.

On September 7th, the ghost season kicks off with a ghost hunt at the Columbia Theater in Wamego, Ks. I helped the Kansas Paranormal Research Society, who regular readers know is a great ghost hunting team I worked with down there for years, with their charity event there a few years ago. this year, my new friends at Road Trip Paranormal have come to do it, and both they and the Theater commission invited me back to help. Folks know if it involves Ghosts and Charities, I am all in! So I am heading down in a couple of weeks to ghost hunt the Oz Museum and the Columbia theater. I’ll post more on that soon.

On September 10th, I’m heading BACK to the John Busch Brewery. This place was CRAZY haunted and has appeared in several of the books I’ve done. This one is no different, although with a few new stories added in. I don’t know if we’ll be able to get back in, so you may want to check this one out!

On September 21st, we have a bus tour of the haunted places in Franklin County. I’ll put together a video of many haunted places to watch during the ride, and we’ll have a lot of discussion about haunted places. I hope you’ll come in for the day. Scan0005.jpg               We’ll start talking about October soon enough, and I’ll post more about these later. If your into ghosts, this is the start of the Halloween season. Let’s ring it in with Style!

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