Another Great Investigation at the Old Diamonds

IMG_1523     On Saturday night, we had another great investigation at the Trip-County Truck Stop as a money-raiser for Friends of the Pacific Library.  45 people showed up, and we had a hell of a lot of contact. Many people experienced contact using the rods, and some had been shoved and had their hair pulled. The ghosts were VERY strong last night!

Some has some interesting photos, including one that looks like a full bodied apparition. Hopefully, I’ll get a copy of it sent and can look at it on a full screen instead of a 2X2 phone screen. I’ll share it if its as good as it looked last night.

When Tim, Sherri and I got there, we headed for the basement to place lights on the steps. Someone, or something, began  banging on the doors to the outside, which I had locked. I ran back to open it, thinking it was someone from the Library. But there was NO ONE THERE! I walked around the building, there was no one. And we all heard it!

Once in  the basement, we heard someone talking. Tim said he heard the word “mommy”, I could not make out the words. But it was absolutely verbal communication. Tim believed it was the boy killed by an accident outside back in the 60’s, who was photographed last year down by the boilers.  Here is the photo:

IMG_9150                 You be the judge.

We’ll be back on 10/26 with another charity event, this time for the Bicentennial Commission. Again, all funds raised go directly to the charity. My guys and I get nothing from this. Tickets can be purchased from Marc at the Washington Historical Museum, (636) 239-0280.  The place was really “Spirited” last night, hopefully they’ll still be strong that night. Stay Spooked!


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