Halloween is over

IT was a long, long October. Actually, with the county bicentennial this year, it was a busy year in the Paranormal world. We did a series of four ghost hunts in historical buildings in Franklin County; the old Courthouse in Union, the mansion of General William S. Harney in Sullivan, the world famous and extremely haunted John Busch Brewery in Washington, and lastly one of the most haunted places in the county, the for Diamonds, or Try-County Truck Stop.  Additionally, we had a full bus of friends as we travelled Franklin County and visited these and other haunted places.

I also ran other charity ghost events, including two ghost hunts in Hermann at the Showboat Theater, with all funds going to the rebuilding of the historic movie house. And, of course, two Trolley of Terror tours of Hermann for Ferals in Peril. I’ve been helping out this animal charity for many years, and I appreciate folks coming down and helping out.

But it doesn’t stop in this area. I also went to Wamego, Ks., to help Roadtrip Paranormal with a charity event in which all money raised went to rebuilding the Columbia Theater. There, I had a team of people investigating the Columbia, the Oz Museum, and another haunted theater with a gory past involving once being a funeral parlor. We had a lot of great results there, and it will be discussed in video later.

During the season, I also finished the new book, Supernatural Washington . I had hoped to have this book out before the Halloween season, but we kept being invited into better and better places to investigate, which caused me to take out chapters and add new ones. I have the test copy now, and after checking it for mistakes I’ll send it to the printer. Maybe we’ll have a book out for Christmas….

And during this time, I was working security and getting the Hallowee decorations at my own home. Plus, a quick trip to Haunted New Orleans when Sherri was laid off, and you can see I’ve had a very busy Spook Season.

Thanks again to all those who paid their money and came along on our investigations. And an even bigger thanks to my people, my investigators who came in to help me on these charity events even though they were paid nothing. The founder of St. Louis Paranormal Society, Mark Farley, came out to help me with the Diamonds, and mentioned I had a great team of friends who were, in his words “very loyal to you”.  Well that’s the difference in running a team and working with friends. It’s people like Tim Clifton, Jan West, Ray McDowell, Mason Griffith, and Ken Hirsch, most of whom have worked with me for years, that keeps this from being a job. Instead, it’s a Paranormal Party. And I am grateful for each of them.

Stay tuned… and Stay Spooked!


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