An Amazing Investigation.

This one had some aspects I had never seen before!

A beautiful young mother, who my friends and I had helped with a haunting of their house a few years ago, contacted me about her new boyfriend and his family. His aunt had seen two spirits a few times over the past few years, starting about 10 years ago. One a male shadow person, the other a female usually in white. But now, the two spirits were harassing her unmercifully in the night, and she was unable to sleep.

As usual, I brought along one investigator for a preliminary investigation. Problem 1 popped up immediately: they were Vietnamese, and spoke very broken English. We had a massive communication barrier right from the start.

But they were most gracious and in need of help. After getting the story as much as possible with the language barrier, we went upstairs to the lady’s bedroom where the problems started. Here, while we were taking emf readings, I observed a gray orb, possibly the size of a basketball, fly about two feet off the floor from another room and down the stairs. Once we went into that room, we discovered what I would refer to as a Shinto shrine. Her brother, who was trying to translate for us but spoke only broken English himself, said it wasn’t Shinto, but they were basically non-practicing Buddhists.

Problem 2: I have no idea what to do with a Buddhist ghost!

On the set table in that room was several bowls of what appeared to be fresh mushroom soup, and a series of photos. Our client, through her brother, identified the people in the photos. Their father, mother, step-mother, and some other relatives, not all of whom had passed away. He used a word for the oldest photo, which we found out later was their father, and my associate, Jan, asked me what it meant. When I said mistakenly “grandfather”, the meter in my hand went crazy!

I left sent some sage, with instructions on how to use it, and said we’d set up a full investigation after the first of the year. First report was that the lady had the first good nights sleep for three days after using the sage. However, later reports was that the dark, male spirit was gone, but the woman spirit, usually in white with long hair who danced, had returned. I advised they use the sage every day. Once the sage was gone, the male spirit returned, and the harassment became worse. Now, the poor lady was not sleeping at all. I called Tim and Jan, and we returned earlier this week.

The video below has a spot where I covered the faces of the clients.


During this investigation, we discovered the male spirit was actually her father! He was there to protect her from the other spirit. Many times, the meters would go off as we spoke with the spirit we called Grandfather, but was in reality her dad. Her nephew was there to translate, and at one point we had her speak to her father in her native tongue. The meters again went crazy!

During this time, Tim noticed an angry spirit near the stairway. He said quietly to me that it was intensely angry, it was female, and it went upstairs. We walked to the stairway, where Tim said he felt intense anger coming from the room to the right at the top. That was the bedroom. The family noticed us there, and as she talked to her father, the others said we were free to go upstairs if we wished.

Once at the top, Tim said he felt intense anger inside the room. As he walked in, suddenly he stumbled back, nearly falling. Tim said the spirit, who appeared to him to be a Native American woman of young age but with eyes of deep black was inside, and she had rushed him with her hands out as if to strangle him.

With the dowsing rods and the meter, I went in to confront the spirit. I can’t say why, but this one was every bit as powerful as Tim said, yet, she seemed willing to communicate with me. Later, when discussing this with my wife Sherri, she asked if Tim just walked in, and what I did. In truth, Tim did walk right in, while I slowly walked into the room while introducing myself and telling her I was there to speak with her and help if I could.

I often use the rods, and after each question asked, I re-chamber the rods for the next question. But not here! After each question, answered either yes or no, the spirit moved the rods quickly back to the starting position, as if eager for the next question. While Tim still said she was angry, and she told me, via the rods, that she didn’t like Tim, she seemed happy to speak with me.

If she was telling me the truth, she said she hated the people who had lived in the house before this family bought it, and hated the people there now. I suspect she just felt this spot was her home. While the shadow male spirit was there to protect his daughter from this ghost, the Indian lady had no knowledge of this spirit. For some reason, the sage worked on weakening him, but not her.

She also told me she wanted to cross over, but didn’t know now. She had committed some crime against the tribe, but it wasn’t the taking of a life, and we couldn’t figure out what it was. When I explained the situation to her, she agreed to stop making noise or showing herself to the folks there. Only time will tell if she keeps the agreement.

This house sits in a sub-division off Wilson St. in Chesterfield. Jan found out from a friend, Mark Metzger,  that at the end of Wilson St. is an ancient Indian Burial Ground, and a large tribe was located down where the new malls at the Bottoms are now. Apparently, there is even a book about the Indian tribes of the Chesterfield area. Once again, Tim was dead-on! (if you’ll pardon the pun!)







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