Return to Chesterfield

The problem continued. So, I returned to Chesterfield with Theresa Reavey, who I have worked with for many years, and from St. Louis Paranormal Research Society I borrowed one of their best sensitives, Nicole Graeler.

Nicole knew nothing of the background, and she, along with regular investigator Jan West, went upstairs immediately. Theresa and I remained on the main level. It was interesting to notice that my meters, which were on the coffee table, would go crazy for a few seconds, then stop for a couple minutes before doing it again. Theresa said a spirit was walking upstairs, then back down to the living room, and returning over and over again. This was the same kind of contact we were making last time.

Nicole came back down, and gave a very similar report to what Tim had given last time, except for not mentioning the American Indian angle. She said there was one very powerful female spirit upstairs, plus one that kept running from her. We believe it was that one that I noticed kept setting off the meters as it came down.

Theresa and I went up next, along with Jan. Same deal, one very strong, angry spirit in the bedroom. However, Theresa said there was another spirit on the other end of the hall, in front of another bedroom, trying to get out attention. I walked over, and when I stopped at the doorway, the meter in my hand went off, as if beaconing me inside.

There we met another, who Theresa said was not only afraid of the other ghost, but was trying to get us out of that room in fear of our safety. After talking with that one for a while, using Theresa’s talent and my meters, we returned and engaged with the strong spirit once again.

When we went downstairs, and discussed the case, is when things got fun. Our ghosts continued to come down, setting off the meters. But when we mentioned using sage again, or blessing the home, the meters went crazy! Apparently, this was not in their plan at all!

Here is a Small Part of the Investigation.

As Theresa burned sage and walked the house, Nicole said one of the spirits continued to attempt to get up the stairs, as if escaping the ritual. She blocked his route, and eventually the spirits were pushed outside. I hope it brings some peace to the family.

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