What A Weird Year!

Hello Friends:

I popped on here to write an article, and suddenly realized it has not been updated since April! Well, I swear 2020 must have started out with several broken mirrors, because this had been one weird year.

The security business has been hopping all year, with the Kung Flu and the riots starting again. Ghost tours all but stopped most of the year. And because everyone was afraid of being near others, the ghost hunts in homes and businesses shut down as well. A couple of weeks ago, Tim, Mason, Jan and I checked out a couple of graveyards, but that has been about it.

As far as the month of October, I’m afraid it’s pretty much a wash out. We had a public ghost hunt in the Showboat Theater in Hermann planned, but I was notified it had been cancelled yesterday. No ghost tours of Hermann, which we usually do several times a year, but not in 2020! Covid, of course.

However, through some fancy wheelin’ and dealin’ by Mark Farley of St. Louis Paranormal Research Society, we are going back to the Fox Theater in St. Louis this year. And I’ll be taking center stage! It’s a ghost tour of that magnificent old theater, and each group will be taken from place to place, where evidence and stories from the ghost hunters, (including me) are told and shown. It will be every Sunday and Monday, and Sunday is a special Matinee. You can see more here:


I know folks are tired of sitting at home, and the ghost folks want a fix. I hope you can come down and check it out!

On October 22, I’ll be doing a virtual ghost lecture from the Owensville Library at 5:00 p.m. I’ll really miss not being able to show you the evidence and such, but it will be me telling stories of haunted places around here. On October 23rd, I’ll be a guest on the “X-Zone Radio” podcast, which I did a few years ago. Rob McConnell knows his stuff, and is fun to talk to. Keep an eye on the Spookstalker Facebook page for more information.

I hope everyone is healthy and had their family around them during this trying time. Like anything other great, national tragedy, such as the Great Depression, WWII, The Challenger Explosion, or the end of The Big Bang Theory, we’ll get though this together. Stay Safe, and I’ll try to update a little more often.

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