Death of a Paranormal Investigator

Joe Palermo, a paranormal investigator, film editor, and member of MUFON St. Louis has passed away. While I can’t say we were close friends, our paths crossed many times.

Many years ago, I was invited to a cooking show. Chef Troy Pendley invited me to be a guest on his internet cooking show, Happy Plates. I was there as a local author, historian, and ghost hunter. Joe was producing the show at the time. Troy asked what kind of food I liked, and my immediate response was Cajun, (same as today). We talked about different things as he whipped up a most incredible dish called Shrimp Lafayette. Amazing, as the Chef was not a fan of peppers!

Yet he created this dish, and Joe and I got to talk about our mutual interest in Martial Arts, Ghosts, UFO’s and all things paranormal. Later, we met again when I started visiting the St. Louis UFO Study Group, which he had helped start. A couple supernatural conferences where we spoke, and later at the St. Louis MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) meetings where he usually videoed the speakers.

I’m including the video from our original meeting and discussion, along with the recipe for Shrimp Lafayette. St. Louis paranormal will miss Joe. We often had plans for working together on ghost hunts, but it never seemed to work out. And now, he has the answers.

See you on the other side, Joe.

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