Missing the paranormal

It has been a strange time for our country. For me, between moving, building a house in the mountains, and COVID stopping things, I really been missing the paranormal.

Recently, on a facebook page, a lady asked about the ghosts of Hermann. Specifically, she and another said they had heard nothing about ghosts in that strange old town.


I responded with several haunted places they could visit, and a link to a video I did some years ago during a ghost tour of Hermann. As most of my followers know, up until the nationwide shutdown last year, I did a “Trolley of Terror” tour of the haunted places in Hermann, actually entering or walking in several of them and passing them on the bus as we discussed the paranormal events. This was done for Ferals in Peril, a charity that saves and re-homes stray or abandoned cats. We did this several times a year, and before the Kung Flu struck, it was a great way to make funds for the charity.

Several years ago, I wrote a book called Hermann Shadows, about the hauntings of several homes and businesses. I am working on a sequel to that one, with even more ghost stories. I hope to have it out by Halloween.

Above is a link to a facebook page for St. Louis Paranormal Research Society. The founder, Dr. Mark Farley, and one of his team, Nicole Graeler, walked with me around the haunted city as we discussed the hauntings and happenings there. We had done a driving tour of the City of Washington several months ago, right after my book Supernatural Washington came out. I’ll post a link to that one below:

Being new in North Carolina, and still suffering from the effects of the shutdown, I have been unable to meet up with any groups out here. While I was never much on joining a team, I have enjoyed working with some of the best in the midwest. Such as the Gateway Paranormal Team, who use to work the Alton Mineral Springs and allowed me too assist them with a public investigation; the original Great Plains Paranormal group, started by Sam Tyree, who got us into the old airport in Wichita, Ks., Kansas Paranormal Research Society, who let me join in on ghost hunts in Old Towne Abilene, where I saw and experienced some of the weirdest stuff. Brenda Mason was fun to work with, and even brought her team to Missouri when we did the Gasconade County Courthouse and the Franklin County Courthouse, and helped with an investigation in Mineral Springs as well. The Paranormal Task Force let me join in with them on the Tri-County Truck Stop and my first investigations at General Harneys mansion.

Another team I was able to work with in Kansas was Jason Roberts and Roadtrip Paranormal, Psychic Lena Townsend, who I worked with often out west, and Cathy Ramirez with Ghost Tours of Kansas, helped me develop the contacts out there that kept me going back. All of these groups are top notch, and outstanding to go a ghost tour or investigation with.

There were many others who would invite me along, and I am grateful to each of them. The group I worked with at the end was St. Louis Paranormal Research Society, who allowed me to go with them to the Fabulous Fox Theater, the Stiffel Theater, and the Lemp Brewery. Dr. Farley also came down to Franklin County and helped me with several haunted places. Again, outstanding tours and investigations if your looking for one in St. Louis.

I miss the camaraderie most, I guess. My own people who would help me, Mason Griffith, Jan West, Ken Hirsch, Ted and Troy, and of course, Tim Clifton, was the end product of many people who thought they wanted to do paranormal investigations, but just couldn’t keep it up. An amazing group of ghost hunters, fearless and as educated on the topic as you could be. I hope I can find such high caliber people here in North Carolina.

But let me leave you with one more video. This one took place at the City Hall, which use to be an old aged home. We made contact with a very strong ghost. With me was Troy, Ted, and Jan. Yes, Hermann, Mo. is a Spiritual playground!

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