Almost Halloween time!!

I know I have not written anything here since April. I am sorry for that, but as you know things have been crazy. Mask, no mask, yes mask. I planned to go to New Orleans, but that changed due to Covid and the mask mandate. I had also planned to visit the Western North Carolina Bigfoot Conference in Marion this month, but that was also cancelled due to Covid. It’s like we can’t get away from this. My ghost world has hit a massive slow down.

However, there are a few things to report for the paranormal fans out there. Once again, it appears my great friends at St. Louis Paranormal Research Society will be doing the ghost hunts at the Fabulous Fox Theater in St. Louis. For the first time in several years, I won’t make it. Just can’t commute once a week from NC to MO, no matter how much I enjoy it.

And speaking of St. Louis Paranormal, they are still running weekly tours of the Lemp Mansion, and walking tours of the Lemp Neighborhood, including the basements of the Lemp Brewery. If your looking for something to do this season, check them out. Dr. Mark Farley does a great job, and there is some very interesting stuff on the Neighborhood tour. Did you know there was a suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders in England that was posing as a Union surgeon during the Civil War in St. Louis? Try the tour for more information. They also have organized ghost hunts in the very haunted Alton YWCA, and Ouija seances within the brewery. You can look it up at:

As many of you know, I use to write for Haunted Times Magazine. They are down now, but I submitted an article to UNX News Media, just one on a particular ghost out of Alton. Now, I am a writer for that magazine, and will have a few articles in their next issue, planned to be in October.

I don’t know yet if the magazine will be available on news racks, but the price is pretty reasonable, with a cover price around $11.00 for a print copy, and $1.99 for a downloadable digital copy. I’ll post more about it, plus the cover, once it’s out. I have already submitted articles on Alton, Momo the Monster, a Ouija Board collection in St. Louis, and some reviews of ghost tours and some smaller articles on alleged witches graves, including the one in Hermann.

And, I recently got a text from my old friend Cathy Ramirez, founder of Ghost Tours of Kansas. I have worked with her several times, and have spoken at several small conferences she has arranged. Now, she’s working with the Hotel Josephine in Holton, KS, and apparently they are part of something called the Worlds Largest Ghost Hunt. I am taking a guess, and assuming it’s a conference, (since they invited me to speak) and a ghost hunt that will be part of one apparently that is going on simultaneously in other haunted places. That will be on Saturday, Sept. 25th, and again I’ll post more when I learn it. Here is a link to the Hotel Josephine.

Thats a quick rundown on what is going on so far. Thanks for sticking with me through the past year. Between moving to NC, getting the mountain and new house ready, and a black cat named Lucifer, things have been pretty busy here. But, hopefully, we’ll all have a happy, healthy Season of the Witch 2021.

Happy Hauntings!

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