Cool things are happening!

One of my many friends in Kansas, Cathy Ramirez, owner and operator of Ghost Tours of Kansas, ( contacted me last week with an opportunity. Apparently, there is a National Ghost Hunting day, and it is Sept. 25th. A group is holding what is termed “The Largest Ghost Hunting Event”. It will be simulcast with live feeds, and signing up for it is free.

My ghost hunting friends, this is AWESOME! Your opportunity to watch ghost hunts ALL OVER THE WORLD!! Just a very short example:

Haunted Hollow, Pennsylvania.

Willow Court Asylum, Austrailia

Emery Theatre, Cincinnati

Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Castle of Fougeret, France

Crooked Creek Battlefield, Alabama

Jack the Ripper Museum, London, England

Old Blackford Co. Jail, Indiana

Sams Saloon, Canada

McPike Mansion, Alton, Illinois

She extended an invitation to me to join in, lecture and ghost hunt the Hotel Josephine in Holton, Ks.!! This is an opportunity to ghost hunt an incredible place with good people while others all over the world can watch via the internet. Of course, I agreed and I’ll be there on September 25th!!

I have already been in touch with one ghost hunter who had some pretty amazing things happen, and Cathy sent me some cool photos from the basement. I intend to get in touch with some incredible investigators I’ve worked with before, Roadtrip Paranormal out of Kansas, for advice as they have ran several ghost hunts out of the Josephine. The hotel staff has reached out to me, and have been most kind. This may be an amazing ghost hunt, and you can join in to watch for free if your unable to join in person. Kinda like being there in spirit!!

I will be talking more about this as we get closer to the date. Stick with me, folks. May be a wild ride!

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