Getting ready for the Hotel Josephine next weekend!

As you know, I’ll be participating in the Worlds Largest Ghost Hunt next weekend. I was recommended by Cathy Ramirez at Ghost Tours of Kansas to help out here. Apparently, this one is big! Here is a clip from an E-mail I was sent by the hotel this week:

We are thrilled to be a participating location in the Worlds Largest Ghost Hunt.  Locations such as the Conjuring House, Dracula’s Castle.  There was an extensive screening process to be accepted and thankfully we were selected as one of the most haunted places… in the WORLD! 

Apparently, our clip will be immediately after The Conjuring House, so we are hoping a lot of people will stay tuned. I’ve talked to several friends who have ghost hunted there, and was told to concentrate in the basement and second floor. I hope some of you will be watching on Saturday, Sept. 25th. There will be plenty to watch, including several of the more famous haunted places in the country.

Wish me luck!!

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