Coming Today: The UnX Network

Tonight is the grand opening night for the new UnX Network. Starting at 7:00 p.m. central time, Margie Kay and Race Hobbs will be discussing the new home for Paranormal Internet Radio. I’ll post below a link :

I have just a recorded few minutes, explaining the show I’ll be hosting on the Network. One hour a week, every Friday night at 10:00 p.m., I’ll be talking with people involved in the Paranormal. Not the stars of Ghost Hunters, or actors playing ghost hunters on TV. I’ll be dealing with people who LIVE with this kind of phenomenon. Or people who make a living from showing the truly haunted places in the US. My first guest will be Tracer Fox, manager of the Hotel Josephine in Holton. Ks. This hotel has so many ghosts, two days for me was not nearly enough to get a number. It was included as one of the most haunted places on the program Worlds Largest Ghost Hunt, and I was invited in. One spirit floats around the Buffalo Room, another screams in agony in another bedroom, only to be heard on recorders later. In the basement, two little girls seem to be attached to a couple of dolls there, watched by their father. Josephine, a young girl the hotel was named after, is seen walking the halls in silence or looking on with satisfaction. Employees told me of having their hair pulled, or having washcloths thrown at them in the lobby.

I’ll be posting here about other guests, like my second one who owns St. Louis newest haunted house St. Louis Haunted Mansion. So this show will bring out the folks you want to meet. I hope you’ll tune in, for my show as well as the others.

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