Treat Yourself: Ghostbusters Afterlife

Finally got to see the new Ghostbusters sequel on Friday night. For all of you my age, who came up with the original, this is a must see movie.

The story revolves around Harold Ramis’ character, Egon Spengler. He died fighting ghosts, was no longer in contact with the other members of the team, and had stolen the equipment because he believed the main bad guy from the first movie, Gozer, was coming back. This put the rest of the team, who did not believe him, into bankruptcy.

Some 25 years later, his daughter, who hates him, finds that the only thing she has left of any value is the broken down farm in Oklahoma. Her two kids are kinda messed up, considering how much Mom hated her father. Their life was a spiral down, and this was their last hope for something of a normal life.

But, of course, Gozer shows up. The fight in on, using the tools Grandpa Spengler left for them. Of course, during the last fight, the three remaining ghostbusters arrive to save the day.

If you thought Avengers Endgame was a sad ending, prepare for an amazing way to hand the ghost fighting torch over to a new crew. And the ending has a tribute to Harold Ramis that was uplifting and tear jerking as well.

Murray, Ackroyd and Hudson all did great in the show, but the kids and the tribute to Ramis stole the movie. Do yourself a favor, and watch the original before you go in. There are many Easter eggs in the film harking back to the first one. This one was made for the new generation, and those of us who grew up with the first movie. And everyone will leave the theater fulfilled.

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