Most Haunted with Dan Terry

The new show its doing really well. Had a little hiccup with this week, as the guest became sick and called in an hour before recording. But, I was able to call Tim Clifton, and he came on for a rescue and we talked Bertha Gifford, the Missouri Female Serial Killer. Of course, thanks to my friends in the ghost hunting world, we had good photos and stories to punch the show up a bit.

I’ll post a link to the show. The other two shows I’ve done were audio only, but there was video shot and as soon as the TV part of the network gets up and running, we’ll punch those up as well. Please, let anyone you know who is interested in the Paranormal know about UNX network and my show in particular. We have some of the greats, like Whitley Streiber (Communion), and Jimmy Church. There are Bigfoot people, and a lot of UFO types.

Here is the links:

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