Marley Woods Episode

Friends, I have a show on next week that, if you are a believer in Ghosts, Bigfoot, Dogmen, UFO’s, Spook Lights, or any other Supernatural Activity, this is a game changer!

Thomas Ferrario is a UFO investigator with 50+ years of experience. He also worked under the world famous Ted Phillips. But the Marley Woods, a location in the Missouri Wilderness, has changed the opinions of many UFO investigators.

Similar to the Skinwalker Ranch, the Marley Woods has UFO activity, Ghostly Activity, Poltergeist incidents, Animal Mutilations, Spook Lights, Aliens, Cryptids, and just about any other supernatural occurrences you could imagine. According to Tom, even the late Ted Phillips began to believe it was the Intelligence behind this that was studying them, rather than the investigators studying the phenomena.

Tune in on Friday, December 31st at 10:00 EST for an hour of incredible discussion that changes the very idea that Ghosts, UFOs and supernatural creatures are separate things to investigate. And see why Missouri is….Most Haunted!

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