Marley Woods

One of the surprise results of the famous UFO investigationProject Bluebook was it turned the Air Force Skeptic, Dr. J. AllenHynek, into a believer. He trained the world famous investigator TedPhillips, who in turn trained our guest, Thomas Ferrario.With the passing of Mr. Phillips last year, Tom is now the leadinvestigator on the Marley Woods Case. In many ways, this is similarto the Skinwalker Ranch case, with UFO activity, strange animals,weird happenings, and paranormal activity in the area. UnlikeSkinwalker Ranch, however, the location is still secret, and theinvestigation continues without the input of producers, directors, andadvertising men trying to make it profitable.On New Years Eve, join us at Most Haunted as we talk to TomFerrario about the paranormal aspect as well as some of the UFOactivity and the mysterious creatures that roam the entire area knownas The Marley Woods.

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