Life is Going On

    I realize the midwest is preparing for another snowmageddon next week. Anywhere from one to 60’eleven inches to fall in the first hour.  Or, possibly sunny and chance of heatstroke. Typical Missouri weather.  Here, in the North Carolina mountains, we expect the rain that doesn’t fall as snow in the central region. 

       And, God willing, Covid is on the way out. I know it will never be gone, always waiting in the wings just like Cholera, or Malaria. But if it would stop being used as a political football, by both sides, that would be a giant leap forward. 

       But it seems that may folks are tired of living in their homes, others see it as the new normal. I, for one, had my dance with the dreaded Kung Flu, and seem to be coming out on the other side. I’m looking forward to getting back to the business of life. I want to start traveling again, and see the wonders of the United States. I’m in a whole new area, with all kinds of paranormal stuff to see, and I want to see it all!  

But, life does go on.  If you’ve seen the show, Most Haunted with Dan Terry, on the new mainstream KUNXdb, (, I have managed to interview some amazing people within the field. If you’re interested in ghosts, the episode in which I interviewed a ghost hunting team out of Wilmington, NC. Port City Paranormal sent me so much evidence, I was only able to use about a third. Yet, it was full of great ghost evidence.  Worth checking out.  

       I’ve also interviewed ghost hunting friends from Kansas, the owners of the haunted Hotel Josephine, Sensitive Lena Townsend, and many others. This week, my guest will be Stephanie O’Reilly, owner of the haunted 1889 McInteer Villa in Kansas. Coming up soon will be our old friend Dr. Mark Farley, founder of St. Louis Paranormal Research Society.  Plenty of evidence of spirits will be presented  for the haunted Lemp Mansion and Brewery. 

I will soon begin helping the local historic group with the ghost tour of Mt. Airy.  I also interviewed them if you want to catch it.  This little town has some interesting quirks, including the use of dynamite to solve personal problems! 

And, so far, there is only one lecture planned. But, for those who are looking for some ghost and UFO related entertainment or knowledge, this virtual conference is a two day trip into the rabbit hole!! Among the guests will be Whitley Strieber, host of Dreamland and a former guest host for the great Art Bell, as well as the author of Communion; Investigator of all things paranormal, Margie Kay, UFO Expert Lee Speigel, and many others. I’ll be speaking on Friday, May 13th on haunted places I’ve investigated in.  I’ll add a link to it if your interested:

       Finally, I have two articles in the winter edition of Un X Magazine. I managed a trip to West Virginia, where I stopped in at the West Virginia Bigfoot Museum and the Flatwoods Monster Museum. This year will be 70 years since the Flatwoods Monster was sighted in that small town, and they still celebrate it.  I intend to go back for the festival! Here is a link to the magazine if you want to order the print or the digital version:

       I want everyone in the midwest to hunker down and enjoy the winter snowfall. You have time to order the digital version of the magazine and have something new to read! Stay warm, stay healthy, and…Stay Spooked!


  1. Dan is an amazing investigator and very knowledgeable in the field. He taught me many things over our long friendship and joint investigations. I believe I taught him a few things as well. My team loved working with Dan and he taught some newbies valuable tools of the trade. I miss Dan a great deal but hopefully will be on one of his episodes , I was on his podcast a few years ago. I can’t wait for the Covid to subside enough for safe travel and hopefully go stay with Dan and Sherri and do some serious ghost hunting. We have taken Dan to several places that made him drop his jaw open , I want to go with him now and get that same experience. I and a couple team members went and spent weekend in MO several years ago and hunted with Dan and we all were blown away with some of the things that occurred in the court house. Won’t say since Dan is putting it in a book he is working on but when u are in a locked down old court house and hear something loud enough that it causes two police officers who are investigating to both pull their weapons and take off toward the door thinking someone broke in , that is just one reason you will want to read the book when Dan finishes it! Glad their will be a chance to participate in this virtually. Number of Covid cases are dropping in Kansas , let’s hope it keeps going that way. I did speak with someone last week though and found out another new variant has broke out in Europe so it will make its way here as well at some point so don’t think it will ever be gone as Dan said. Thanks Dan for all the years of ghost hunting and speaking and teaching and mostly for being such a great friend.
    Brenda Mason – Founder , Kansas Paranornal Research Society ( KSPRS)


    1. That is incredibly kind of you, Brenda. Can’t begin to tell you how much I miss ghost hunting with KsPRS. I’m going to get you on the show soon, and may play that video of the scream you made when that rock was thrown into the hole inside the Mineral Springs Hotel and Spa in Alton! Still got it!!


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