A lot of change….

So much has changed in the six weeks since I last popped in to say hello. Can you believe it? Gas has went from $2.50 a gallon or so a year ago, past $3.00 and in some places, up to $5.00 or more per gallon. The Russian Army had invaded a peaceful neighbor, and we are seeing a Hitler style blitzkrieg, while innocent civilians, women and children, huddle in the subways for protection. It’s like World War II all over again!

Covid is apparently making a comeback in China, and it’s only a matter of time before it gets to the United States. Shelves are often understocked in the store, or empty of some items. We couldn’t find canned biscuits for some time! As the song goes, “Times, they are a-changin”.

I fear many of the tourist groups, who somehow survived two years of shutdown or covid restrictions, will not survive another year of low numbers. What can you do?

Well, as many of you know, I use to go to Eureka Springs every few years for the Ozark UFO conference. Thought about it, but I am concerned, not only about the price of gas, but the availability of it. Plus, their daily price has risen to $80 a day! I had hoped to get to the Roswell UFO festival again, as this is the 75th anniversary of the crash, but the same problems arise. I know several hotels have went out of business due to covid, and there may be the same problems there, just a lot further from home.

But, if your looking for ghost or UFO related conferences, here is an idea. I will be speaking on May 13th at the X-con. This is a virtual conference, over the internet. No Covid risk or restrictions, no high gas bill, no hotel problems or spending an obscene amount of money for three meals a day. It’s a two day conference, you can attend from the comfort of your own home. I have a smart TV, so it’s like being there without anyone trying to pick my pocket! I’ll have an hour lecture on ghosts Friday afternoon, the 13th of May. And, if you’re not into ghosts, we have some HUGE speakers on Saturday, May 14th. Lee Speigel, who has been investigating UFO’s for 50 years, will discuss the phenomena. How about Whitley Streiber? His book, Communion, jump started the abduction investigations. He is an incredible speaker. Debbie Ziegelmeyer will be there to talk about Underwater UFO”s (Or USO’s) in the oceans of the world. Debbie is the state director of Missouri’s MUFON, or Mutual UFO Network.

I hope you’ll check it out. I’ll leave you a link below, and you can see for yourself all the speakers. I’ll be talking about the John Busch Brewery in Washington, and the Fabulous Fox Theater in St. Louis, and several other haunted places. The price is $29.00 a day, and you can watch from the comfort of your favorite easy chair. It’s the X-con, “Into the Rabbit Hole”. Take a look!


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