These books are available at several bookstores in Missouri, including Neighborhood Reads in Washington and Buy the Book in Hermann. Some are available on Amazon, and all books currently in print are available from me for the listen price, plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

Order from:

Dan Terry

485 Cook School Rd. 

Pilot Mountain, NC  27041

My first book, Beyond the Shadows, is currently out of print and not available.

Missouri Shadows: 179 pages. $15.00

A journey through the lesser known, the famous, and the infamous haunts of Missouri: Includes my adventures at the Lemp Mansion, a well known haunted place in St. Louis investigated by several paranormal TV teams; Trooper Heaven; The Tri-County-County Truck Stop, also known as the Devils Diner, which has been shown on several paranormal TV shows; a former bar and the scene of not only a murder, but where the dead and dying victims of a tragic train wreck were brought; a battlefield near Springfield, Mo., and many other places.

Hermann Shadows: 78 pages, $13.00

Ghosts in the Heart of Wine Country: This book takes us through several haunted places in the famous Octoberfest and Maifest town of Hermann, Mo. Two haunted Bed and Breakfast buildings are included, along with the history of Hermann and several haunted private residences and businesses.

River Shadows: 170 pages, $15.00

Ghosts and Legends of America’s River Towns: Cities along the rivers were usually the first settled, and often the location of native Indian fights, disease brought in by ships, wars, fires, and other tragedies. Included in this book are places situated on rivers, divided by the rivers. St. Louis on the Mississippi, Alton, Illinois also on the Mississippi, Hermann, Mo. and Atchison, Ks. on the Missouri, Savannah, Ga on the Savannah River, Ft. Smith, Arkansas on the Arkansas River, and many more. The book also includes stories of ghost children from various ghost hunts.

Too Ornery To Die: 130 Pages, $14.00

Haunted Jails and Ghostly Tails. This book covers the spirits of people who were just too mean, too dedicated, or Too Ornery To Die. This book includes my pursuit of the serial killer Bertha Gifford through two places; an evil con-man at the Crescent Hotel in Arkansas, the Gangsters and Murderers, as well as the victims, of Mackey’s Music World, Billy the Kid, Gen. Harney, and more.

Supernatural WashingtonL 111 pages, $16.00

The city of Washington, Mo. is a river town with a big history, and a bigger ghost population. Here you can read about the spirits of beer brewers, see the photo of a ghost bride, a famous mansion, a resale shop with the creepiest dolls in history, and many more homes and businesses in the old town.

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