Spring is here!!

And while I am aware there is still the possibility of snow and rough weather in areas across the nation, I think it’s time to start living again. Covid is as under control as it will ever be, and the economy is not going to get better soon. Sometimes, we have to decide not to be defined by politics, and to break free and do as we want.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to West Virginia to attend a convention of ghost tours, haunted places, and ghost hunting groups where the year ahead of us was discussed. Prior to that, we heard from the North Carolina State Tourism Board who believe this year will be busier than last for ghost tours and such, all though the people will be fewer from around the nation and many more locals. Both are suggesting that numbers of paranormal enthusiasts will be up, but not coming several hundred miles to see things, but “shopping local” instead.

By the way, have to show the snow I hit on my way to West Virginia after a couple weeks of 70 degree temps:

But I did get to meet a lot of folks in the business, and will come up with several guests for the show soon. And speaking of the show, I have done two on Exorcists this month. If your into demonic stuff, you might be interested in these two.

Both interviews were fun and had some good information. Although I do disagree that Ouija boards are an automatic portal to evil, but it is the intent and knowledge of the person using it that determines an evil outcome. But that is an old argument.


The link above is for the new UnX magazine for spring. I have a huge article on Ouija boards in it, including some discussion of the history of the Ouija, the St. Louis connections, which is the 1947 Exorcist Case, naturally, and the two women who wrote books allegedly by dead authors via the board; and Dr. Mark Farley and the St. Louis Paranormal Research Society and the Ouija board collection he has. Many people, sometimes two a week, send boards they have which they believe has evil attachments to them. Dr. Farley never asked or advised folks to do so, it just started. And he has some wild stories on that!

So, the year of ghosts begins. Hopefully, you all have a great 2022. But don’t expect the politicians or big money to make it good for you. Go out and make it a great year yourself!

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