X-con was a big success!

We had a great virtual conference, with a lot of attendees. The guests were awesome, and the subjects wide and varied. If you didn’t see it, or just don’t think you’d like a virtual conference, plans are underway to hold a live one in the KC area next year. If we have no more stupid mask regulations, and fuel and food prices allow, I’ll be there to show my evidence in person. It’s always more fun to be there and talk to people anyway. And, if you are not sure you want to get out just yet, it will also be available to watch on-line. We’ll have more details as fall turns to winter, and we can start planning.

I’ve had a few great guests on recently, and I was a guest on a fantastic podcast called Ghost Biker Explorations. Miranda is part-owner of a haunted jail, where tours and ghost hunts can be done. So, of course, I spoke of the haunted jail in Hermann, and the haunted Police station there as well. If you want to catch it, I’ll post it below.

I guess I need to post a few more links to some of the shows I’ve done on the UnX Network. For anyone following this in the North Carolina region, including south western Virginia, next week I’ll be starting as a tour guide with the Ghost Tours of Mt. Airy. If you do come to the area, I hope you’ll swing by and check it out.


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