More Paranormal Stuff

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since the Fourth of July. Working a bit at the part time job, since it’s prime vacation time. Sherri and I did take the kids to Yorktown, VA, where the final push to route the British happened. There is a bit Coast Guard Training Base there, and I had been there before. Still, the amount of history, both pre-Revolutionary War, during the war, and the Civil War was so much more than I had thought.

We took a ghost tour of the older part of the city. The pre-1800 buildings, still in use and quite haunted, was just striking. The tour ended at the Tower, built to celebrate the end of the Revolutionary War.

If your in the area, check out

Since then, I have done two interviews. One was about the alleged UFO crash in Cape Girardeau, Mo. in 1941, a full six years before the Roswell Crash. The second was with Pam Mandel and Karen Pena, sisters who have fought toe to toe with the forces of EVIL, being a devil worshipper and his dark lord. I’ll leave links, both are quite interesting!

Enjoy, and stay cool!!

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