Great show this week

My guest was Ian Nixon, one of the founders of Tucsons Finest Paranormal in Arizona. During the introduction, I mentioned going to Arizona, and in particular seeing The Thing?. That was an Arizona Tourist Trap that advertised with the most crazy, outlandish signs all the way down the highway. Kinda reminded me of the 70’s and all the Meramec Caverns signs and painted barn roofs. I said I would add a link to it on the web page, and here it is:

And, of course, I have to add the most recent interview with Ian Nixon, who was quite a speaker. Very excited about ghosts and ghost hunting, as you can tell. Check it out!!

Lastly, for all the UFO fans in Missouri, there is a VIP giveaway for the big conference in Cape Girardeau August 5-7th. You can enter for the drawing, which will be done on July 29th. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in UFO’s, this is a must-see. And UN X is drawing for free tickets including Hotel Rooms!! Here is a poster and link for that one:

Go to the bottom of the home page, and there is the place to fill in your information for the free tickets drawing. Good Luck! And Stay Cool!!

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