I will be speaking here on March 18th!

I have my first speaking engagement since moving to the mountains. I’ll be here on March 18th, 2023 speaking on ghost hunting in general. If anyone is interested in heading to West Virginia during that time, this town is only an hour from Point Pleasant, the home of the Mothman!!

I’ll show some videos, and evidence from past ghost hunts. For those in that area interested in haunted places, there will be a ghost tour of the city that day, and a ghost hunt upstairs that night. If your interested in knowing more about the hotel and town, check out the interview I did a few months ago with Adra Johnson, the event coordinator who is working on this:

As my old father might have said, “You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting…” a haunted place in West Virginia. (the last part was mine.) I hope some of you can make it, and if not, keep an eye out on the page and website. I just finished a ghost hunt here in Mt. Airy a couple days ago, and I’m sure more is coming. Stay Tuned!

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