I’m going to the Big Leagues

Tonight, at 10pm EST, 7pm PST, I’ll be a guest on Fade to Black with Jimmy Church. He was a guest host for Art Bell back in the day, and I put him up there with the Grand Master. His show gets the best of the best, and here I am, getting my shot on it.

I’ll be showing some video from the John Busch Brewery, the Fox Theater, the Hotel Josephine in Kansas, the old jail in Hermann, and more. I hope you guys can come in and watch it, or at least catch a rebroadcast or on YouTube later. I’m pretty excited about it.



  1. Hey Dan Terry! Currently watching you on Jimmy’s Fade2Black Live. I live here in Western NC. , at the base of where the Piedmont meets the Mountains. Truly, I think we need to communicate. I have some True experiences and interesting information, which I believe you will want to hear in discussion. So glad you came on the show tonight. By the way, My Father is Ex-Law Enforcement, a retired NC Wildlife Resources Commission Officer, He has been retired for 20 years, and retired as a Sergeant. So Dan, much, much respect to You Man. Not sure how to get in contact with you, but I’m trying to be discrete, as to not be sending out contact information publicly. Thanks Dan! I’m Really Digging The Show!! Hope to hear and chat soon, Thanks…


    1. Hi Kelly: I just found this note. Yes, I am definitely interested in hearing your stories. Here is my email address, danterryghost@gmail.com. Sorry it took so long to answer, I didn’t get the notification. But I am always looking for stories of the area. Thanks for reaching out! Dan


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