It’s been crazy!!

Sorry team, it’s been crazy since my last post. First, Halloween went well, I was at my daughter Ambers house, passing out candy and keeping the display going. Covid kept me busy working at the Allegheny County Sheriffs office, with folks getting sick. My part time job nearly went full time just because of needed coverage. Then , of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas hit, as they do every year. Where we live, the weather hit a 100+ year low, and let me tell you, folks in the south are NOT prepared for real cold weather. What we would have shrugged off as winter in Missouri brought the NC area to a standstill! Our place suffered with blackouts, we discovered the furnace is not working properly, and all Christmas plans had to be changed due to the power being out. Gotta love it!

The positive stuff that came up was my working for the local Museum as a ghost tour guide. They started renting the building out for ghost hunts to teams, and I was there for one of them. Building is pretty haunted! I have collected some updates on the hauntings in Mt. Airy downtown, and incorporated them into my tours.

I also was tasked with creating a ghost tour for Pilot Mountain, the town I live near. We had two tours as a test last year, and they went off pretty well. I spent some time collecting ghost stories from the businesses there, and writing the script. We should be ready to go all in for tours a couple times a month, at least, this year. The city of Pilot Mountain asked the museum for help in creating tours to get more folks coming in, and somehow that task fell to me. That should start up again in March or April. In the mean time, I’ll look for a few more stories.

I am scheduled as a guest speaker at a para-con in Parkersburg, West Virginia on March 18th. I’ll post more about that later, as info becomes more available. But the conference, in the Haunted Blennerhassett Hotel, includes a ghost tour of the city and a ghost hunt on a floor of the hotel, which had a serial killer as a guest, as well as the original owner of the building who hasn’t left the site since his death! Plus, the city is only an hour from Point Pleasant, where the Mothman was seen back in the 60’s. Stay close, and I’ll really try to keep you better informed.

Happy New Year!

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