Once again, I’m falling behind…

A lot has been happening lately. The podcast is going well. We moved it to Monday night at 7pm EST to allow me time to do a little more ghost stuff on the weekends. But my producer, Race Hobbs, who is a HUGE name in the UFO/Paranormal radio field, has re-booted his show, Phenomenon, on Fridays at 9:00 p.m. and if your interested in UFO’s, it is really good. Really need to check this one out!

As far as other things going on, I got word we are going forward with the ghost tours of Pilot Mountain, NC. To recap, the Mt. Airy Regional Museum, who puts on the ghost tours of Mt. Airy, brought me on to be a ghost tour guide. A neighboring town, Pilot Mountain, asked for their help in creating and running a ghost tour of their city. There had been one before, the it was pretty much a one-man operation. And, with the people visiting the Pilot Mountain State Park, they wanted to try it again. I ended up writing most of the script, and actually did the two experimental tours at the end of the last Halloween season. Apparently, the city folks got good reports back, and I’ll be helping with that tour as well as Mt. Airy tour.

It is quite different from the Mt. Airy ghost tour. This one includes American Indian legends, UFO’s and Bigfoot where as the Mt. Airy tour is pretty much only ghosts. I will be teaching other guides this one, and it will run a couple times a month for now. The Mt. Airy Ghost tour runs from April to November, every weekend if you’re in the area.

I am also speaking at a Conference on March 18th in Parkersburg, West Virginia. It is at the haunted Blennerhassett Hotel, and that hotel may have the spirit of a serial killer stalking its halls as well as the original builder of the hotel and other spirits.

I recently was contacted by the ghost tour owner of Haunted Charleston, West Virginia. She is working on a conference as well, and invited me to be a speaker there. She was waiting on the venue to get back with her on the date, and she would call me. I’ll put that on Facebook and here as soon as I find out something.

Lastly, I’ll be speaking at the X-Con, put on by the network I have my show on, KUNXdb. That will be held on October 13th through the 15th, 2023 in Blue Springs, Missouri. That’s over in the Kansas City area, for those who don’t know. They are doing it a bit differently, with the Ghost speakers on Friday, the 13th, UFO speakers on Saturday, and the Cryptids experts on Sunday. I hope some of you will come on down and check the place out. I would make a bet this will continue, and grow as large, or larger, than the UFO conference in Arkansas every year. Be great to get in on the bottom floor.

Again, I’ll try to keep you more posted. But watch my facebook page, I do things on that one almost daily. There is two of them, one under Dan Terry, which has a lot more political stuff. The other, under Spookstalker, is pretty strictly paranormal. Keep watching, there will be more soon!



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