Tonights Guest

The show tonight will be going back to West Virginia. Guys, that state has got to be Most Haunted! My guest is Scott Worley of Haunted Beckley ghost tours, although he is now doing tours of several other towns because the hauntings are so thick there!

Tune in tonight, 7pm EST, 6pm Central for Most Haunted with Dan Terry. YouTube is the best place to catch it, but you can also find the show on, Spreaker, iTunes, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, and several other places.

And, for my mid-west friends and fans, I’ll be speaking at the 2023 X-Con on October 13, 2023. Seriously, fans of the weird and wonderful world of the paranormal, this is a must see! Friday the 13th will be all about ghosts, Saturday will discuss UFO and aliens, and Sunday will be dedicated to Cryptids. More info coming soon, so stay turned!

But, for now, remember to check out the show on Monday night at 7pm EST, and Stay Spooked!!

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