Parkersburg was AMAZING!!

The Haunted Blennerhassett Hotel in Parkersburg, West Virginia did NOT disappoint. I have to give credit to Adra Johnson, the paranormal liaison for the hotel, for the hard work and miracles she pulled off.

This was the first Appalachian Paracon ever held, and it was a huge success. They expected 100 people to show up, but instead had over 400 there. So many vendors, they had to place them upstairs in the atrium and outside in the events tent. And those spots were filled as well! At one point, they had to move some of the vendors in the room I was in and open it up for more seating for the lectures.

Sherri and I got there on Friday, and the bar had a special drink for the Paracon. I swear, there was a enough rye whiskey in that cup to make a ball team drunk! The hotel started construction in 1883, and was one of the most modern hotels when it opened in 1889. Gas and electric throughout, the rooms have the old-world feel yet are modern and comfortable.

I got to ghost hunt the place afterwards, and dealt with two spirits and watched folks deal with a third. One little girl ghost, killed in a fire back before the hotel was built on the property, liked to talk to me. Rods and K2 action were pretty intense. Same with the man who constructed it. Col. Chancellor. I had some rod action with him, and passed the rods to others who also got to chat with him.

It’s an amazing place, and they already have a date for the 2nd annual Appalachian Paracon for next year. It would be an interesting short vacation, and it’s only an hour away from Point Pleasant, where the Mothman was seen prior to the Silver Bridge collapse. That would make an awesome gift for the paranormal fan in your life!!

I’ll attach a link to the video from that weekend. Enjoy! Now, for me, on to new adventures!

Here is a video of part of my lecture, plus some ghost hunting as well.

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