There will be a bus tour of some of the haunted places in Franklin County sometime soon, in celebration of the county Bicentennial.  As soon as details are written in stone, I’ll add more information.


I’ll be speaking at the Midland Railroad Hotel in Wilson, KS. April 26th through 28th. It is a new, first-time conference being held in a haunted hotel. There will be ghost hunts to follow, and I’ll be there to participate. Check out Road Trip Paranormal for more information.


With the Franklin County Bicentennial Group. I am working on a possible series of ghost hunts in Franklin County over the course of the spring, summer and fall. We are working on short hunts at the John Busch Brewery, the Old Courthouse, the Harney Mansion and a few other places. Keep checking the page for more information.


Once again I’ll be helping out Ferals in Peril with a bus tour of the haunted places in Hermann, Mo. on May 3rd and May 5th. ALL proceeds go to the animal charity, and Hermann Crown Suites donates the bus, the room for the lecture and evidence powerpoint, and I donate my big mouth! Come on, support our feline friends and help with this worth while charity.  Go to Ferals in Peril Hermann on Facebook for more information, or call 573 486-2044

In October, I’ll also be doing another public ghost hunt in Hermann at the Showboat Theater. Last year, some of the folks got INCREDIBLE evidence there, including some great photos. There is a blog on this site about it. Dates are October 18th and 19th. Contact the Showboat Theater for more information. (573) 486-2187